Counselling Questions

Time to listen counselling- just for you

Angela Hodgin - MBACP (Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy)

What Conditions Can counselling help?

People can at periods of their life experience confusion and psychological distress that disrupts and confuses general capacity to function as they desire. 

Counselling is a way of helping you though this period.  At Time to Listen I offer counselling to people with issues including stress, anxiety, bereavement, panic attacks, addictions, sexual abuse, depression and eating disorders.

How does Counselling help?

I understand, empathise and above all listen.   In modern life its important to have someone who is there to listen, to understand your reflections & thoughts, no matter how impossible the situation may seem.  I will help you indentify how you can take control of your life, reduce distress and help you move forward. 

Counselling is primarily non directive – your way forward is YOUR way forward. I listen and help you understand.  If you need more positive guidance and direct information I can help you obtain this and take you through any questions you may have.

How Many Times Do I Need to See the Counsellor and How Long is Each Session?

I operate Counselling sessions in South Birmingham, and more locally counselling in Kings Heath. At our first session we will decide TOGETHER how many sessions you may need and review this as you make progress.  It’s perfectly normal for us to work together for several sessions and see where we get to. My practise is NOT about profit it has to be about YOU and only you – as our name suggests I take time to listen, to you and you alone.

What are the Benefits can I expect from counselling?

What you get out depends on what you put in. Openness is required from your part, patience and empathy from mine.  I understand that above all confidentiality and trust is essential.

Our sessions will be completely confidential and it’s important we work together to ensure trust and openness is maintained.  You will be surprised how often people find talking openly and honestly can help them see problems in a different light –  taking a weight off shoulders and helping them move forward to become more positive, helping them deal with tomorrow next week and next year.